Put Your Gang on the Chain

Using the breakthrough technology of anonymous cryptocurrencies and the blockchain ledger. Real thugs themselves developed THUG Coin as the official cryptocurrency of the thug life around the world. THUG Coin acquires its uniqueness by providing thugs at every end of the globe with worldwide access to other thugs and gangs faster than the speed of light. Do not be fooled… This cryptocurrency is epic!

Cryptocurrency in Online Casino are a Game Changer

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and specialized coins like THUG Coin are on the rise in online gambling. They allow for fast, anonymous transactions, which is especially attractive for players who want to protect their identity. A unique feature of THUG Coin is its strong community of over 95,000 members, who are passionate about connecting "Thugs" worldwide. This community could be an interesting target audience for crypto casinos that accept digital currencies. The crypto revolution also opens up new opportunities for innovative gaming mechanisms. Imagine a poker tournament where the betting is done in THUG Coin, or a slot game that uses smart contracts to ensure fairness. In short, cryptocurrencies could be the future of online gambling, and THUG Coin with its strong community could play an important role in that. As always, play responsibly and be well informed.

“No one could have imagined that one day there would be a cryptocurrency that connects thugs and gangs on the blockchain.”

Fast P2P Transactions

As an ERC-20 token, THUG Coin utilizes the full power of the Ethereum Blockchain for fast thug-to-thug transactions.


Be part of our badass THUG community with more than 95K members.

Anonymous Ownership

All transactions are secured and anonymous between you and other thugs in the community.

Connecting thugs on the blockchain

Here at THUG Coin we passionately believe in connecting thugs, just like you and your gangs, via the blockchain. THUG Coin is the agreed-on currency of our rapidly expanding THUG community. THUG Coin is a standard ERC-20 token that makes optimal use of the Ethereum network. Sending THUG tokens to another thug is quick and easy thanks to the Ethereum blockchain. Ownership of individual THUG Coin is on the down low, anonymous, and provides you rapid peer-to-peer transactions. Not wanting to incriminate you or me, so I won’t go into detail about what a thug would buy in a super-fast peer-to-peer transaction. (If you need to ask, you just acting thug). 

Too busy living the thug life back in 2010 to get yourself some Bitcoin? Looking to retire on the coast in a beautiful mansion? Well don’t miss out now because this has your name written all over it. Most of all, it’s free and you can’t lose out something is free. 

“Fill your bags before we run out!”

Our Team*

Big Boss


Big Boss was a battered, but notorious thug rapper. One day while he was in the studio, he had a bright idea of merging the thug lifestyle with the eccentric cryptocurrency world. Astonishingly, he did just that… He is the founder and the head of our remarkable THUG Coin community. P.S. He might look a little cruel, but barking dogs never bite…except…


Deputy Director

Nobody knows how much time of his life TEN-X had spent in prison. But take it for granted, it was a motherfucking long time. After his release, TEN-X changed his identity several times. “TEN-X” doesn’t sound like a real name? Well, we don’t know if this king of thugs ever had a real name. What we can tell you though, is that he is our most trustful team member and the deputy director of THUG Coin.

Nerdy John

Blockchain Developer

Nerdy John is the youngest team member of THUG Coin. He doesn’t look so, but he is the strategic key of THUG Coin. Nobody knows as much about the badass cryptocurrency world than Nerdy John. Someday, Nerdy John will be a real thug too. Or should we say… a very peachy, skinny and nerdy half-a-thug.

THUG Norris


THUG Norris is the younger brother of the famous and invincible martial artist Chuck Norris. Even THUG Norris is standing in the shadow of his older brother (and if we are honest, nobody knows THUG Norris), he is at least as invincible as his famous brother. As an experienced lawyer, he beats everybody with his brain and not with his fists. If you happen to find yourself in trouble because of money laundering, just talk to THUG Norris. He will get your thug ass out of prison faster than Chuck Norris can do a karate kick.

Chilled Bill

Customer Service

Chilled Bill is the most caring and warm-hearted person in the world. We don’t know if this is an adverse effect of the huge amount of weed he smokes per day, or if he had such a worthy education (by his weed-smoking parents). Feel free to contact Chilled Bill whenever you have a question about our THUG Coin community. If Chilled Bill doesn’t answer however, were sure he is completely stoned sleeping on a park bench.

Nick Richman

Financial Manager

After graduating, Nick Richman started working as a hedge fund manager and soon he became the head of a well-known bank (it would not help anybody if we write the whole fucking name down here). He has a great knowledge about markets and when he heard about THUG Coin, he didn’t hesitate to rob this shithole of a bank he was working at. With employing Nick Richman at THUG Coin, we killed two birds with one stone: On one hand, we have a professional finance manager on board and on the other hand, we can use the money he robbed from the bank as a seed capital for THUG Coin.

Donation to the THUG Community**

THUG Coin is for everybody. There will be no initial coin offering (ICO). We will not raise any funds for token distributions. All of the tokens will be distributed in several airdrop rounds to our badass THUG community for FREE. However, donations to the THUG community are highly appreciated. They help inspire Big Boss to run his thug business and become the most powerful crime boss of the world. He uses these donations to cover the transaction costs during airdrops, exchange listing fees, fees for hosting this web space, and for all future implementations with the THUG Coin project. All donations will be used to move the THUG community to an even more badass level. Okay, that was just the official version; you all know what Big Boss is doing with your money.

As a THUG donator, you will become a special member of our notorious community and Big Boss just might invite you to his next super-secret THUG meeting. 

For more information please check out our official Telegram channel!

If you want to donate BTC or any other cryptocurrencies, please contact one of our admins in our Telegram channel or give our accounting and financial manager Nick Richman a quick call (of course you won’t find his phone number in a phone book).

the thug way: roadmap & future**

Our THUG team passionately believes in developing THUG Coin everyday in order to take our project to the next badass level. Here at THUG we work extremely hard to spread the THUG lifestyle to every corner of the damn crypto world and we won’t stop until we have reached our ultimate goal: Connecting every single thug and his gang on the blockchain. We know, it is a long and stony path to go, but we have a damn nice strategy to move this incredible project to the next dimension:



The lord of beat producing and the first real thug ever



Really famous and successful thug rapper, who only loves weed as much as THUG Coin

“THE IDEA OF THUG COIN IS a real big thing. I think it’s bigger than everything. Maybe it’s even bigger than me?! Haha just kiddin’, let’s smoke some weed!”


Are you seriously calling Big Boss and the badass THUG community a scam? Watch your tongue brother, if you ever doubt THUG Coin again, Ten-X will find you and kick your fat fuckin’ ass.

NO! There is NO Initial coin offering (ICO). You can NOT buy THUG tokens, since they have absolutely NO value. There is NO token sale, NO public sale and NO private sale. THUG tokens will ONLY be airdropped to our community for FREE!

After many epic rap battles, multiple stabbings, and gang shootings it was agreed that the number of THUG Coins in circulation would be 14,000,000,000. An ETH-smart-contract with the number of coins has been signed with the blood of the fallen thugs:

CONTRACT: 0xfe7B915A0bAA0E79f85c5553266513F7C1c03Ed0

You can find the rapidly growing THUG community on following social media platforms:


The best way to ensure that you do not miss an airdrop is to join us on our social media platforms. Big Boss and his team hold regular competitions and events with fantastic THUG rewards.

Big Boss thinks your wallet needs an upgrade anyway and you’d had better follow his instructions. Therefore, hodl, be part of the badass THUG community, send THUG to your friends and family, and live the THUG lifestyle with us. Besides that you can NOT do anything with your THUG tokens. THUG tokens have NO value and we do NOT sell them.

THUG is listed on the following so-called exchange platforms:


If you don’t understand this, you can’t be a real member of the THUG community. Everything in the THUG Coin project is pure satire ONLY.

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